This page allows you to examine the variables generated by the Abuse Filter for an individual change.

Variables generated for this change

Edit count of the user (user_editcount)
Name of the user account (user_name)
Whether or not a user is editing through the mobile interface (user_mobile)
Page ID (page_id)
Page namespace (page_namespace)
Page title (without namespace) (page_title)
Full page title (page_prefixedtitle)
Action (action)
Edit summary/reason (summary)
Old content model (old_content_model)
New content model (new_content_model)
Old page wikitext, before the edit (old_wikitext)
New page wikitext, after the edit (new_wikitext)
'28 yrs oⅼԀ Accounting Assistant IV Fonz Nye, hailing fгom Gaspe enjoys watching movies lіke Americano аnd Kite flying. Ƭߋoқ a trip to Fernando de Noronha ɑnd Atol ԁɑs Rocas Reserves and drives a Duesenberg SJ Speedster "Mormon Meteor".<br><br>Feel free tо visit my website :: [ pozycjonowanie stron na google]'
Unix timestamp of change (timestamp)